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Thank you for joining us at the eighth iteration of Durhack, Durham University Computing Society's annual flagship hackathon.

4 - 5 November 2023

Students of all experience levels came together in teams of up to four, helping and learning from each other while creating their own project.

If you enjoyed the event this year and are interested in organising next year's Durhack, please let us know!

DurHack is all about learning something new

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  • An icon of a science flask
    Workshops to learn new skills
  • An icon of a spaceship
    Sponsor-led challenges to shoot for
  • An icon of a bulb
    Mentors on-hand to help with your project
  • An icon of a shirt
    Hackathon swag and food included
  • An icon of a star
    Mini-events throughout the weekend
  • A icon of a jigsaw puzzle piece
    Optional team-formation activity
  • The premise: work together in your team to create something awesome in just 24 hours.

    DurHack welcomes students of all experience levels, from all degrees and any university.

    Join us in the Teaching and Learning Centre at Durham University

    Map showing the location of the TLC building in Durham.


    • starShould I attend DurHack?

      If you've thought at all about attending DurHack, yes! DurHack is welcoming to people of all abilities, all that's important is a willingness to get stuck in with your team. DurHack is designed to have an inclusive and encouraging environment, so don't be afraid to ask anyone for help at the event!

      DurHack is completely free to attend, and could not run without the generosity of our sponsors. We provide the space, WiFi, meals, snacks, and free swag.

    • starWill I be able to get my travel costs reimbursed?

      DurHack will be offering partial-to-full travel reimbursement (depending on your region). Please keep your receipt(s): we will release a form shortly after 5th November for you to put in your details and upload the receipt(s). Reimbursement should come through by 17th December.

      We have the following regional caps:

        • <20 miles (e.g. Newcastle) - £10
        • 20-100 miles (e.g. Leeds, Lancaster) - £40
        • 100+ miles (e.g. London, Oxford) - £65

        (These should cover most standard train tickets - if you need to travel in an alternative way that may be more expensive, or your train is more than the price above and you need extra support in paying for it, please reach out to us providing more information).

      • starWhat time does DurHack start and end?

        Check-in for DurHack is 9:30-10:30am on Saturday 4th November, and we're expecting to finish our closing ceremony at 16:30 on Sunday.

      • starDo I need to be able to code to attend DurHack?

        The most important thing when attending a hackathon is your enthusiasm for technology. DurHack is passionate about being very welcoming and beginner-friendly, and you'll learn loads at the event!

        If you want to learn to code but don't know where to start, you should definitely read this blogpost .

        We'll also be running several lead-up workshops with CompSoc to prepare people for DurHack.

      • starWhat can I eat?

        We'll provide you with meals, snacks and drinks throughout the weekend, leaving you to concentrate on your projects. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know when you register.

      • starWhat should I bring?

        All attendees will need to show valid student ID (other photo ID is acceptable for graduates) at registration. You'll also need a laptop and a charger, and you might want to bring toiletries.

      • starAre students or alumni who aren't from Durham allowed to attend?

        Absolutely! We welcome students from any university, as long a you were a student in the last year.

      • starWhat if I don't have a team?

        Don't worry! Part of the fun of a hackathon is meeting new people. We'll have a team-forming event before hacking begins for those who want to meet and form new teams.

      • starHow large can my team be?

        There's absolutely no obligation for you to come to DurHack with a pre-made team. Many attendees won't, and we'll run team-forming exercises at the start to make sure everyone is part of an awesome team

        However, if you are already looking for teammates, there is a maximum of 4 people allowed per team. Remember that, of course, each member of your team needs to have their own DurHack ticket.

      • starCan I take a break overnight?

        You'll have 24 hours to create your project. It's important to take regular breaks, and that's why we'll be providing a relaxation room for attendees to have a rest if they want. Part of the fun of the hackathon is coding through the night!

      • starWhat can I build and who owns the IP?

        Web apps, mobile apps, hardware, anything! Projects will be judged based on their creativity, technical accomplishments, polish and usefulness by our judges.

        The IP of your work remains with you, the attendees.

      • starDo you have a code of conduct?

        Everybody at DurHack will be expected to abide by the MLH Code of Conduct .

        TL;DR: be respectful to each other.

      • starWhat if I have other questions?

        If you're still not sure about something, drop us a line at and we'll be very happy to help!





      This year, we're introducing 'Megateams'! These will gather teams of hackers together into larger groups, in which they will be able to compete for small prizes by completing challenges!

      Don't worry, you'll still make your project in a team of 4 - megateams are like a house system (think Harry Potter!).


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